George Muscat | Maltese Ceramists in Denmark exhibition
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Maltese Ceramists in Denmark exhibition

30 Sep Maltese Ceramists in Denmark exhibition

Three Maltese ceramists have just returned from Bornholm, Denmark, where they exhibited their work at the European Ceramic Context 2006. The ceramic exhibition, which was open to ceramists from all over Europe, was divided into three categories: for established artists, young artists, and for industrial ceramic designers.

Maltese artists Paul Haber and George Muscat participated in the category for established artists and Matthew Micallef participated in the category for young artists, which was open for artists under the age of 30. The Maltese participation in this international ceramic exhibition was made possible due to the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, within the Tourism and Culture Ministry, which was commissioned by the exhibition organisers to help in this initiative.

The exhibition offered an interesting opportunity for the Maltese ceramists to meet and exchange ideas with other artists from all over Europe and to exhibit their pieces in the same halls as artists of international renown. The works of the three Maltese artists were immediately accepted by the organisers of the European Ceramic Context 2006, as they were considered to be of a very high standard.